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What is Renaissance Labs?

Renaissance is an Atlanta-based consultancy & development firm specializing in integrating & developing blockchain-based solutions for enterprises, governments, and startups.

What services does Renaissance Labs offer?

We offer blockchain consultation, development services, corporate education, and research services.

What's a Blockchain?

A blockchain, also known as a distributed ledger, is a shared, immutable database designed specifically for securing and transferring financial assets. Unlike a traditional database that manages balances on behalf of users, the assets on a blockchain are controlled directly by the owners of those assets through the use of secure, cryptographic keys.

By analogy, a cryptographic private key is similar to a physical key that secures a safety deposit box. And a blockchain is like a virtual network of these safety deposit boxes. When an entity wants to spend their money, they take their key, open their box, select the amount they wish to spend, and deliver those funds into the box of the recipient. The recipient is now in control of those funds since they hold the key to their box.

Why does this matter? Because when asset owners remain in control of their assets, they can move them directly to counterparties over a network without depending on intermediaries.

This new, more secure model of financial infrastructure reduces the costs and risks of asset movement to market participants in industries as varied as payments, banking, capital markets, insurance, trade finance, and supply chains. It also enables the creation of new types of financial products and services that were never before possible.

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When is Blockchain a good fit?

Here are some examples of when a blockchain may be a good fit:

  • You’re looking at shared business processes among different parts of a company or multiple companies, or even amongst the world.
  • You have multiple parties that want to share and update data.
  • Verification and tamper proofing of records are top requirements for the solution.
  • Finally, if removing intermediaries could decrease the cost or the complexity of the solution, then a distributed ledger might be a good fit.
What does Renaissance Labs' Corporate Education Program entail?

We take a unique approach towards fulfilling the needs of each client. We spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the client, their strengths, and more importantly, their weaknesses. We craft curiculum around our takeaways from this discovery process in order to maximize our value-add to the organization.

How do we license educational content from Renaissance Labs?

We typically conduct several introductory sessions with our clients focused on understanding their target user & the most effective ways of communicating brand value through various forms of media.

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