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Blockchain Consulting

We can determine how distributed ledgers can improve your business processes, provide guidance on integrating the technology, technology integration, cryptoeconomic advisory, security protocol design, blockchain business strategy development, project management, due diligence, and more.

Industry Insights & Educational Content Licensing

Our periodical industry insight reports are geared towards executives looking to gain an upper hand in the rapidly-evolving blockchain/cryptocurrency space. We also create educational content specific to your audience.

Corporate Education

We offer education services aimed at developers, students, and executives. We also provide blockchain education-focused tools to the enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

Smart Contracts & Permissionless Decentralized Applications

We develop and audit applications facilitating programmatic transactions and complex agreements with automatic enforcement and no counterparty risk.

Algorithmic Trading Software

We develop and maintain proprietary algorithmic trading software to assist our clients successfully navigate cryptocurrency market.


We use Ethereum, Hyperledger, as well as Bitcoin (BTC) as the basis of our decentralized applications.

Applicable Industries

Blockchains can add quantifiable value the following industries:

Banking | Corporate Governance | Identity/Records | Real Estate | Art | Healthcare | Education/Academia | Digital Asset Exchanges | Public Elections | Supply Chain | Critical Infrastructure Security | Ride Sharing | IP Rights | Insurance | Cloud Storage | Cloud Computing.

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